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for the

Health of It

Finding alternative solutions
to achieve better health.

Seth Lefferts


"With my own recent health challenges, I've learned so much over the last few years about nutrition, mental positivity and energy healing, and Seth has captured it all so perfectly. His writing style is clear, natural and comforting. I felt as if he were speaking directly to me. It conveys his true voice in a very personal way, which is good, because the book really is, in the end, the recounting of a personal journey toward finding health and happiness, and the gift of passing it on to others. "

Carl Nichols, Jr.

CEO, Branding Consultant, Author

“I have known Seth for many years.  He is an artist, a musician, a humanitarian, a student, a philosopher, a friend and now, an author.  His passion and background are a perfect blend of Eastern and Western philosophies as he explains the eternal quest for health and wellbeing.  I highly recommend this book, whether you are new to a healthful life style or you are already a health fanatic, or anywhere in between.  Bravo, Seth, Bravo.”

Drew Berman, CFO - Chief Fun Officer

Author of YouOnlineYouOffline

“Seth Lefferts is the quintessential Renaissance man, a multi-faceted, singular individual who has studiously applied his left brain/right brain, 360 degree perspective to craft clear, concise, accessible explanations of alternative methods of health care. One or more methods will resonate with and inspire each reader to take actionable steps immediately to achieve greater balance and harmony within the body. This is the beauty of this book. Thank you, Seth, for your conviction and commitment to share your fascinating, on-going journey away from ‘illness care’ to true health care.”

Heidi Clingen, Author and Coach


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Lefferts, Seth A., 1953 -

Living for the Health of It / Seth Lefferts

Paperback Edition: ISBN-13: 978-1468141344 

Paperback Edition: ISBN-10: 1468141341


1st Edition, January 2012


Cover Design: Seth Lefferts

Edited by: Melissa Ringsted



Table of Contents


SECTION 1:  Energy and Health

Chapter 1:  Health as a Habit

Chapter 2:  A Brief History

Chapter 3:  What is Life?

The Four Stages of Life

Chapter 4:  Energy of the Human Being

We Are Each a Singularity

Energy Flow and Health

Chapter 5:  Existence as a Human Being

The Levels of Existence




Vital Force

What is Disease?

What is Health?

SECTION 2:  What We Can Do About Our Health

Chapter 6:  Nutrition

Toxic Invaders

Cellular Cleansing

Balanced Elements

pH Factor

Free Radicals


Junk Food

Chapter 7:  Superfood Technology



Fasting and Dieting



Chapter 8:  Applied Kinesiology

Chapter 9:  Traditional Western Medicine

Chapter 10:  Natural Healing







Light Exercise

Chapter 11:  Final Thoughts

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for the

Health of It

Finding alternative solutions
to achieve better health.



Do you believe in infinity?

    This is a question that really stirs my imagination. Can we really even conceive of infinity? Our thinking is conditioned to understand boundaries, limits, and finite sets. In astrophysics the prevailing theories put limits on our Universe. What does it mean that we have measured the edge of our Universe – how far away from us is it? That makes no sense. What lies beyond it? Why must a ‘Big Bang’ theory exist?

In an attempt to define the Universe in terms that we can comprehend, our science has created definitions that usually add up to one hundred percent: of matter, of energy, of space. One hundred percent is a finite boundary. When the definition talks about all measurable substances – all energy and matter, anything that we can measure – as being a mere four percent of the composition of the Universe, the talking heads have to come up with something to fill the other ninety-six percent. The discussions revolve around the concept of dark matter and dark energy as filling the void of the Universe so that the energy, both measurable and immeasurable, can be totaled into a finite volume that explains the vastness of ‘empty’ space. Often the calculations are referred to as having run up against that ‘nasty infinity’, because the concept of infinity does not compute in our science and our brains. We can conceptualize and theorize about it, but we just can’t describe it or work with it. We need to containerize and name things. Dark matter and dark energy are examples of the names that the mainstream theorists have invented to describe the immeasurable energy in the vastness of space, but these theories don’t work for me.

This book is not about infinity. It is about how we can balance our energy in the realm of our existence that is not measurable by scientific standards. It is about what we can do in our humble way to somehow influence this realm as to enable our measurable existence, our physical realm, and more importantly, our emotional, mental, and spiritual realms, to ultimately achieve as perfect a state of health as we can experience at any point in our lives. Whereas death is by definition infinite, life is finite and precious, and on this we need to focus.

The theory that I present about the nature of the human primarily existing as an energy being is theoretical and esoteric, and I will be touching upon it at a high level.  My intention is to introduce you to these principles, primarily to increase your awareness of the possibility of a realm of existence that is beyond our normal perception.  This is the basis for the techniques that I will be discussing for the improvement of our health.

The first section of this book is about the nature of our existence in the Universe. I have to confess that I too will use the boundaries of our conventional terms to describe our existence in the 4%/96% ratio of measurable substance to the immeasurable realm. It does help. That being said, I still believe that we are not limited in our abilities to interact with the unlimited, infinite potential of the Universe. The aforementioned thus being the basis of the Law of Attraction and absolute manifestation.

The premise by which I live is that there are three Universal realms.  These are: Creation Energy, fine material, and coarse material. The coarse material realm embodies all that is measurable, and primarily what we focus our perception on.  This includes the solid form of matter and the electro-magnetic spectrum of vibration that we perceive through our senses and through scientific measurement, including sound, light and all other forms of radiation.

The fine material is all that is not measurable, and yet we experience in every moment of our existence.  This is the realm where our consciousness and spirit resides.  It is the energy of this realm that we cannot necessarily consciously perceive, but we experience it through inspiration, intuition and creativity.   This is the realm where energy balancing takes place.

The Creation Energy is the source of our being, the source of the energy where all of our inventiveness stems.  It is the realm of the all-encompassing knowledge in the Universe, and what we feel through our spiritual connection to this Universal Energy.  The force that exists in the Creation Energy realm is Intention.  Through intention the motion of a vibration begins, which manifests into the fine material realm, potentially condensing into the coarse material realm.

The mere fact of our existence, being recognized by our interaction with other coarse and fine material, is the manifestation through the intention of our consciousness to be born into the coarse/fine material realms of existence. Our birth is the manifestation of an idea that becomes our own reality. It is the interaction of two energy beings already in the coarse/fine material existence that attract the Creation Energy of a Singularity of Consciousness to inhabit this coarse/fine material realm through the spark of life that occurs when the sperm enters the egg. It takes three energy beings to create one human being.

As we move through this book I discuss many of the approaches and techniques that our fellow humans, both past and present, have developed to try to explain the imbalances in our fine material existence, which manifest as coarse material experiences, otherwise known as symptoms. We tend to describe them as allergies, illnesses and diseases. We are taught to put names on them so that we can follow treatment paths that have been developed through trial and error observation and monetized throughout man’s history. Our current medical, pharmacological and insurance systems of the Western society have turned the process of dealing with these experiences into a ‘money transfer machine’ that, by its inherent nature, greatly limits our abilities to achieve optimum health. What most people don’t realize is that there are alternative approaches to improving our health that do not require this machine.

In the second section of this book I describe methods of alternative healing that have worked miracle-like changes in my own health and existence. These are homeopathy, applied kinesiology, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique and acupuncture. I also talk about nutrition and superfoods as the basis for everyday healthful living, along with practices such as yoga, meditation, aikido and other forms of exercise to keep our body, heart, mind and spirit working at our highest vibrational level.

I am not professing to be a certified acupuncturist, nutritionist, practicing homeopath, nor am I in any way claiming to be a practitioner or expert on these subjects. I have found what has created profound changes in my life, after many decades of trial and error in the physical-emotional-mental realms using traditional Western techniques, by studying the ancient beliefs of balancing energy that is found in the Eastern philosophies and practices. It is the outcome of these techniques, that I have discovered and employed, that have inspired me to write this book. I have to share the good news.

I hope that you will read this book with an open mind; ready to learn about what other options you have available to you to make profound changes in your life – miraculous and permanent.

To our greatest health!


Energy and Health


Chapter 1:
Health as a Habit

“I plan to live until I die; I just don’t want to spend a lot of years dying.” God, I love this statement! I first heard this wonderful quote from a great man whose name is Jim Rhoades, one of the leading nutritionists and trainers of a health and wellness company located here in the United States. He is in his seventies, looks like Andy of Mayberry, and has more energy and vitality than most people I know of at his age, and even many of my age, the late 50’s. His point is excellent. We should all live a very long and healthy life and then die quickly from the final aging of our human system. That would be our expiration date. As a battery ceases to work at some point, a long time in the future!

I have considered myself a healthy eater for the past couple of decades. In fact, I had made it a point to eliminate junk food, additives, preservatives and other invaders from my diet. It is a change from my youth, when soda, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies, chips, fries, pizza, macaroni and cheese, Big Mac’s and Whopper’s were the diet of choice. It is no wonder that I weighed in at around 200 pounds. At 5’ 10”, that’s a big man, but not obese. Every so often I would take steps to lose the extra weight. I would suffer through a ‘deprivation’ style fast or the new ‘fad’ diet designed to bring me back down a belt notch or two. However, I found that when I stopped starving myself, the lost weight would come back in no time – and usually bring friends. It was a roller coaster ride.

Around 2000 I discovered that I had been allergic to bovine casein, one of the proteins in cow’s milk, all of my life. I also learned that I had had a strong intolerance to wheat, corn and other ‘staple’ foods. I had already determined through earlier scratch testing that I had been allergic to grass, dogs, horses, cats and dust mites. Naturally, I went through very nasty periods of discomfort annually. The doctors wanted to pump me full of allergens to ‘desensitize’ me to various allergen families. I just couldn’t see getting shots once a week for years, in the hope that they could suppress my reactions. Aside from the fact that I hate to get stuck with big needles and injected with anything, I had already developed the belief that suppression of symptoms is counter-productive to being truly healthy, so I opted out of the long and expensive desensitization process.

To work on my allergic reaction to my cats, which are a major part of my life, I began taking a carefully researched homeopathic remedy whenever the symptoms of intense and relentless sneezing began, mostly in the mornings. Left untreated, they would last most of the day and drive me absolutely crazy with the post-nasal drip and the itch in my sinuses, creating nasty headaches. Having studied homeopathic treatment, while living in California from 1976 to 1985, I had learned how to diagnose myself and had found the right remedy – Euphrasia Officianalis. It worked every time I took it, within minutes, thus initiating my desire to learn more about the human energy being.

After suffering from a couple of kidney stones, and the loss of my gallbladder to a very large stone, over the first few years of the 21st Century, and listening to doctors as they prescribed medications and recommended a lot of expensive tests and ‘procedures’, which I dutifully did, without developing any protection from the potential of future stones, I decided it was time to find out how to change the structure of my health. Seeking an alternative approach to healing, I sought the advice of a Naturopath, who had successfully treated my son for allergic type reactions to various items many years earlier. She used a technique that was new to me, something called muscle energy testing, “AK”, as she referred to it. I held my arm up, with the intention of resisting her pressure, while she pushed down on it as I held different vials of ‘things’ in my other hand. Through her testing I learned that I had a virus in my body, which had been around since I was very young, causing things such as warts and stones. Another thing that she discovered is that I had had a parasite in my system for decades, deep down in my intestines, which was most likely from drinking unfiltered brook water in the Adirondack wilderness since I was 10 years old. This parasite was irritating my whole system, especially affecting my liver and kidneys! She was also the one who made me aware of my food allergies. I was a mess, but at least now I could begin to understand why and maybe find a way to deal with it once and for all.

Under her guidance the first change that I made was to seek alternatives to cow’s milk and other dairy products (bovine casein). I switched to sheep and goat cheeses, which both contain casein protein, but different from the bovine family. I also discovered almond and soy ‘milks’, butter and wheat alternatives. I generally made a lifestyle change that helped me to permanently release the first fifteen pounds and to experience for the first time peace after eating a meal. It is interesting to see the change that takes place when you truly commit to adopting a new lifestyle by changing your eating habits. My overall health began to improve immediately. My wonderful Naturopath also gave me things, such as grape seed extract, grapefruit seed extract, and other natural substances, to combat the virus and parasites. Good things started to happen.

At this point I started to do research with the idea of improving my health through energy balancing. I had been studying yoga and karate and had now been practicing homeopathy for decades. I had even had some acupuncture treatments for prior addictions and predilections, which had totally worked. I was learning that getting healthier was a lifestyle change.

It was only natural at this point that I should turn my attention to my environment. I began to filter my water, both in the Adirondacks and at home. Reverse osmosis, a new term to me until just a few years ago, has become an integral part of my life. After learning more about all of the pollutants in the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the foods that we eat, and learning way too much about the techniques used for mass farming and meat production, I began to choose only organically grown foods and grass-fed ‘happy’ cows and chickens.

I enjoy meat too much to become a vegetarian and I believe that plants have ‘reactions’ as well, being living beings in their own right, so I have resigned myself to understanding that they are all an important part of my life and diet. Still, I don’t need to consume foods that have suffered terribly in their lives, all in the name of feeding the masses. I am sure that we take in the energy that our food creatures and plants were experiencing, especially in their last moments, so I am very particular overall. While adding to my overall food budget, I did feel that I was doing myself a great favor by eating balanced meals of organic foods.

It was when I discovered the technology of superfoods and made another lifestyle change that I had a most remarkable and deep transformation. The way that my life changed made me aware of what had been missing from my diet for decades – perhaps most, or all, of my life. My energy and feeling of well-being have greatly increased. I had not actually realized how much I had been missing. My mental clarity soared. My memory defogged and started growing clearer and sharper. Also, it has given me a basis for dealing with my ‘allergies’. It has freed me up considerably knowing that I can now eat food for the pleasure of eating.  I am no longer concerned about the nutrition that I had unsuccessfully been trying to derive from my daily meals. It has transformed my system. Through cellular cleansing and superfood nutrition I am down an additional 15 to 20 pounds of excess fat, not muscle or bone mass, and feeling great, hovering between 160 and 165. That is what I am talking about! A healthy body is naturally a slender body.

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